Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ann's temporary bachelorette pad


call it her mini-vacation. with dabney gone for the next ten days, ann has a list of things that she that can do carefree.

in no particular order:

1. eat meat
superette is generally a meat-free household but when the non-beef, non-pork cat's away...

2. talk on the phone loudly
in disbelief that the tiny mic on a cell phone can actually intercept sound at acceptable rate, ann is often accused of overcompensating by shouting her conversations into her device.

3. watch golf
dabney can't stand it and would rather watch the fur on the dog grow.

4. let the dog sit on the couch
he's just so cute.

5. let the dog sleep in the bed
see #4.

6. listen to jazz loudly and often
other than the occasional tune from dave brubeck or boston's own patrice williamson, ann is usually discouraged from playing jazz in the house and thus opts for her walks with the dog and her trusty ipod to hear her beloved john coltrane.

7. vacuum to her heart's content
dabney seems to have a higher tolerance for the dog fur tumbleweeds that blow through the apartment.

8. tinker with her gadgets
lots of charging, downloading, previewing, importing, editing, uploading, and rebooting is guaranteed to happen.

9. wear dabney's jackets and sweaters
no bartering or swapping, both closets are up for grabs this week.

10. make pizza
perhaps cursed with a touch of celiac, dabney doesn't like to stomach too much pizza or pastry if given a choice. ann just loves rolling out dough and plans to make it thin and crispy and top it with MEAT (see #1).


Ashbloem said...


Anonymous said...

Have fun eating meat for a week. My sister loved the baby shirts!!


Fawn said...

Don't hurt yourself getting into all that carefree-ness! Sounds like fun! Miss you guys!

Leaping Deer
aka your sister, Fawn

Terra said...

awwwwww yeahhhhhhh.
par-tay at Superette!

(not that we don't party there a-plenty when Dabs is there)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I firmly support numbers 4 and 5.
Whenever Diego's away, I let the dogs sleep in bed with me. Problem is, our dogs stink and so everything has to be seriously laundered after just a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture. It's so pinoy!