Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my name is annie and i am a...


ok. i admit it. i am a little addicted to flickr. i am the worse kind of flickr stalker. it's not that i like flipping through others' photos (although i like that too), but i love looking through people's diaries and sketchbooks. not only do i admire the sheer talent, i envy the scanning and uploading diligence.

a perfect example: kate* regularly sketches something she's bought each day. the drawings are absolutely charming and fun, if not a little kooky. i love them.

see the rest of her "daily purchase drawings" here.

Monday, January 29, 2007

my pattern of late. and, also, other patterns.

ann informed me that i needed to blog today. she's being carrying the reins for the past couple of weeks, so i am obliging. though usually, i never do what ann suggests i should. like wash the dishes.

not blogging has been part of my overall hibernation phase since christmas. i haven't been going out at night much, haven't been calling anybody, and generally haven't left my pajamas.

instead, i am obsessed with patterns. now that i have a newer version of illustrator and photoshop on my computer, i spend countless hours making up repeating designs to my hearts content. here's a sneak peek of some works in progress:




this has also meant experimenting with all sorts of inket fabrics and bubble jet set, in the hope that i can - at last- create custom textiles. so far, the process is a little spotty, or, i should say, bleedy. but i already see improvement, and hope to make some *new* projects out of the *new* fabric soon.

in the meantime, to feed my growing addiction, i ordered this book on japanese fabrics that i can't wait to get in the mail.


and while i was ordering japanese things, i also picked myself up one of these.

unazukin nesting doll

okay, and maybe one of these.

unizuken nesting doll 2

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


a memory upgrade for the house macbook had been long time in coming. dabney is usually one for having about fifteen windows open at once on the laptop and about as many applications whirling away, so any added muscle is helpful.

after a quick visit to the small dog electronics' website - my favorite supplier of all things mac, i had all the fixins i need to get the job done - two pc5300 so dimm 512MB cards (that's funky looking computer chips to me and you).


with directions and new ram in hand, i was all set to go. nevertheless, there is something about cracking open that white case. it makes my hands sweat, my fingers twitch. i know i am a novice techie diva, but it's damn nerveracking to mess with the innards of a computer.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


oscar nominations came out this morning. if you don't know by now, awards season is big at superette. big.

initial thoughts on some of the major categories...

best actor - glad to see that leonardo decaprio wasn't nominated twice in this category, as he was at the golden globes. generally, it annoys me when someone gets a double nod. five pennies, academy. spend 'em wisely. forest whitaker will probably take it.

best actress - dame helen probably has this one locked up. her portrayal of queen e. made the critics swoon. annoyingly, meryl streep (whom i generally admire, as does the rest of the world) gets a nomination for an unchallenging role (by her standards) in a so-so comedy. she can fart and get nominated. sadly, the oh-so-talented kate winslet will be disregarded once again.

best supporting actress - okay, okay, i haven't yet seen "dreamgirls" but is anyone else weirded out that a former american idol contestant could take home a statue? in my perfect world, the winner would be the "little miss sunshine" cutie.

best supporting actor - tough contest. first off, i have to admit that i just put two and two together recently and made the realization that jackie earle haley is the same tough kid from "the bad news bears." i loved that movie.


thirty years later, i love haley's performance in "little children." i found him perfectly creepy, but i sympathized for him. alan arkin was a great, crusty old man in "little miss sunshine," but man, mark wahlberg in "the departed" (i guess i should say the dePAHted) stole every scene he was in. hilarious. i have to flip a coin in this category. it's that tough.

best director - eh. this will probably be the year that martin scorsese gets his due.

i love the screenplay categories. i view these as the academy's "sorry, if only your picture had a bigger oscar campaign..." consolation awards.

adapted screenplay - ooh tough. while my vote would go to "little children," i can see the academy tossing a bone to "the departed." but honestly, i'd pay big money to see sacha baron cohen's oscar acceptance speech. wa-wa-wee-wah!

original screenplay - if "babel" doesn't win the BIG ONE, then it might win here. "little miss sunshine" would be my sentimental favorite, but if i were gambling type, which, of course, i am (stay tuned for the upcoming OSCAR POOL) my money would be on "the queen."

best picture - i guess it's notable that "dreamgirls," the golden globe winner, didn't get a mention. worse - the fact that "little children" was overlooked as well. there doesn't seem to be a clear cut winner. so when in doubt, do what the academy always does and vote for clint eastwood. sigh.

for a complete list of nominees to check out, and disagree with any of the above thoughts, go here.

Monday, January 22, 2007

here a wot, there a wot

last night, we enjoyed the company of boston tara and a new friend over a gorgeous meal of ethiopian food - catered by dabney.

Dabney in Kitchen

it just so happens that one of our local corner shops happens to be owned by an ethiopian family that thankfully does a great job with providing our neighborhood with all the right ingredients.

Ethiopian Spices

washing, chopping, measuring, stirring, sautéing - dabney was in that kitchen for six hours! but in the end, there was atar allecha, yemeser wot, gomen wot, doro wot, and yetekelt wot. here wot, there a wot, everywhere a wot wot... and man, it was all good.

Ethiopian Meal

Thursday, January 18, 2007

the cult of moleskine

there is a blog for everything.

evidence: features hacks for the ubiquitous oilcloth-bound notebooks. no sooner than our pencil sleeve post went up, they found it, and the hits keep coming.

i certainly love my m. journal (which i lovingly refer to as my "idea book"), but i had no idea the cult of moleskine even existed. sure is fun to see what others do with theirs.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

pencil sleeve

new year, new items. here, we present the mogo pencil sleeve (for lack of a better name) - a variation of our ever-popular craft case. it attaches to the front cover of your favorite journal or sketchbook to give your writing implements a home. here it's attached to my moleskine journal. want one for yourself? check out our store.

Monday, January 15, 2007

who's cuter tom brady or tai shan?

all true new england sports fans were glued to their sets yesterday afternoon watching the pats win in the playoffs. dabney and i weren't among them, not being huge sports fans outside of tennis and every four years when the olympics or world cup soccer are on. in fact, we've been known to opt for puppy bowl over football on super bowl sunday. so yesterday, while most of our friends and neighbors were watching fumbles and game-winning field goals, we found the perfect thing to watch - BABY PANDA'S FIRST YEAR on animal planet.


Friday, January 12, 2007

super stamps

sometimes, i am behind the times, because these have probably been out forever. nonetheless, i am in love with the super hero stamps i just picked up at the post office. look how colorful!

Wonder Woman Stamp
her expression says, "ann, can't you think of anything better to blog!?"

Batman Stamp
"i'm in a hurry! i have to rescue your readers from extreme blog boredom."

Thursday, January 11, 2007

when there's nothing to blog...

...take pictures of mail and meals.

a big trip, a fabulous party, a surprise, some bout of good luck... wish we had something new and exciting to report. truth is it's been pretty quiet around here. dabney's been exploring new designs, while i have been tinkering with the new sewing machine (which i love, by the way).

which leads us to share the mundane:

our mail carrier brought us a little package. inside was this: a thank you gift from our local npr station. we think ira glass is da bomb, so this was a welcome addition to our public radio mug collection.

Gift from NPR

dinner that dabney made was yummy last night - casserole with black beans and butternut squash, covered in a thin layer of polenta. this picture probably makes it look disgusting. it wasn't.


oh yes, when there's nothing going on, i take pictures of the dog. the crusty stuff on his nose is remnants of his dinner. nasty.


though we did get a nice surprise when will stopped by and brought us this little gem he found while cleaning out his aunt's house. the box is mint- circa the 70s at least. it obviously channeled the future back then; the image is me cutting fabric. and no, i did not add the nipples and the belly button with my sharpie; they were already there.

Gift from Will

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a haiku, from dabney to her cold:


still, i sleep propped up.
what will stanch this glut of snot?
gin? no, but zyrtec.

Monday, January 08, 2007

spaniel gothic

Museum Attraction
LOL. i couldn't help myself. it's a twist on one of our oldies but goodies.

Friday, January 05, 2007

slippers or moccasins? you decide.

riding on the t the other day, dabney and i couldn't help but notice a young woman sporting this footwear. this was the third such sighting in mere days.

this time, i stealthily snapped a pic.

are slippers really in? if so, i would really love to know. i have a pair of scuffs that i have always dreamt of sporting while walking the dog.

of course, the question could be "are these slippers or are they driving moccasins (another fashion i could never wrap my head around)?" dabney and i concurred; the presence of shearling indicates slipper.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

papa's got a brand-new bag

Pfaff Box

after nearly nineteen months of existence, mogo has made its first real investment - a brand new sewing machine. frankly, it's the difference between bouncing along in a beat-up jalopy and traveling in a lear jet. and the best thing? it's made us excited about sewing again. after filling a few pre-holiday orders, our first fun project will be outfitting the dog in a snuggly fleece jumper. yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. pictures to come.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

god, we suck. and we love it.

despite having loose plans for weeks, we were totally lame on new year's eve. so lame, in fact, we experienced the passing of 2006 in tivo time (but it was so nice, we replayed it twice). so the fabulous photo in yesterday's post is thanks to flickr photo sharing - not from a glamorous party high atop boston common. well, i am sure it was snapped during a glamorous party high atop boston common, but no, we weren't there.

instead, we've enjoyed hunkering down listening to music, watching movies and playing video games. the video game thing is new. we blame j.j. foley's recent investment in big buck hunter for our demise. no, scratch that; we blame davey, the perennial hunter hero.


now our video game repetoire extends to golf, backgammon, scrabble, poker. could our games sound any more geriatric?

to embarrass ourselves even more, here we are playing against each other in a heated game of backgammon.


Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year!

boston common, new year's eve