Monday, August 25, 2008

dabney strikes again

Yay for Chairs!

just when i thought that being away from the hubbub of boston would deter our resident craigslist troller from doing what she does best.

More chairs

i discover that she has been searching vermont craigslist!

after months of craigslist inactivity, i thought maybe she was off chairs. i was wrong. dab not only found three thonet chairs - she got them for all $75.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


it was kiddo-palooza in barnard last weekend. nothing got broken, only one kid puked, and fun was had by all.

dabney, ever the shutterbug, caught it all on film.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

kids and moustaches

we just love it when happy parents send us pictures of their happy kids sporting one of our tees. here's the latest:

Mogo Big Kid's Tee in Action
isn't she adorable?

it's has been a long time since i posted anything moustache-related. we packed all our fake ones up and i finally talked myself out of the 'stache finger tattoo. (after all, i hear moustaches are "so five minutes ago.") but i couldn't resist this one:


how fun would moustache pint glasses be?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

visiting friends and a herd of cows

access to the internet, in our corner of vermont, has been next to nothing recently -- thus, the very sporadic posts. it seems that when it rains in vermont (which has been daily), wi-fi signals go haywire.

so before it all disappears once again... here are some recent pictures. it has been the month of weekend guests, so we've been doing the appropriate tubing, cheese tasting, campfires, bingo and hiking.

Floating Michelle

Joseph Smith Birthplace




Tuesday, August 05, 2008

mogo in teen vogue!

TeenVogue 9/08

click the pic below to embiggen:
Mogo in Teen Vogue

Monday, August 04, 2008

montana activities

after arriving in whitefish at 4 am, we went whitewater rafting - a perfect "wake up, you're in montana activity," if you ask me.

i couldn't capture the areas of rapids we paddled through on camera. it is needless to say my hands were a bit busy. but with names like canopener, the washboards, pinball falls, and bonecrusher - you get the idea (and also the reason for the dorky helmets).

we spent much of our time hiking. in five days, we went on four different hikes - each one took us into different terrain than the other.

hike #1: we accidently took the wrong route and sent ourselves up a 6.4 mile vertical route that took is up to 3500 feet in elevation. it was waaaaay beyond our my physical capabilities but once we started, we dabney felt committed.

honestly, i looked like this towards the top of the mountain. i felt like my feet weighed a ton each and the legs attached like jell-o.

ok, i'll admit it though... the view from the top was amazing as well as the awaiting chalet.

atop big mountain

sperry chalet

hike #2, sore as hell from our 13 mile journey, we decided to do a short walk through the woods on the most popular trail complete with gorges and a lake.

avalanche lake

that afternoon, we joined my parents for a nice scenic ride at nearby big mountain resort. it's hard to tell in the picture below, but the chairlift put the fear of god in my mother. however, two minutes in and she was remarking on how nice the wind felt ("like air conditioning").

hike #3, we decided a nice, FLAT lakeside hike would be a good change of pace.

lake josephine

hike #4, took us through sub-alpine terrain with open fields. big horn sheep and mountain goats awaited us.

the mountain goats kept approaching us and seemed to take a real shine to us - so much so that another hiker asked us if we had some sort of magic goat pellets. (i think that we just happened to be standing in their way each time.)

beyond these sights was an unexpected snow field that proved harder to walk on than i expected. now, i understand the need for trekking poles in such conditions. a pair of those things might have eased the soreness from hike #1 in fact.

Hiking in the snow

this is my paddington bear look obviously.