Monday, October 31, 2005

fright pint '05

ann, dabney, and their peeps ashbloem and boston tara hosted the first annual fright pint '05 on saturday night. the snow, the sleet, nor the cold (and sometimes horizontal) rain couldn't keep the halloween revelers at bay.

sushi deluxe

ikura ann

tomago dabney

proof that the night was scary. or, that sushi has left the building. next stop: cirque du soleil

so sweet and demure was josephine, napoleon just had to buy her a drink.

portrait of a cereal killer.

if you looked up ever-sexy in the dictionary, you'd come stright to this photo of interravision...

...right next to this fierce dominatrix. sizzle. and two hot nurses.

that's "sir arthur conan wonka wintour" in the background.

zorro the gay blade

see the guy standing next to bob ross the happy painter? he was partly cloudy with a chance of showers.

but the winner of the most original costume of the night was....

beaker and dr. honeydew. a hilarious miracle of foam.



of course, ann and dabney got nowhere near the number of pictures they should have gotten that night. there were SO MANY truly excellent costumes. the two vaginas that showed up around midnight? not pictured. a few more superette photos can be found here.

if you want to see even more, check out ashbloem. she's always good for a picture, or two, or fifty-six.

fright pint '06 is a certainty now friends. for shur.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

$3 afro

like her compadre ashbloem, ann couldn't resist a 70% off wig sale.


what dab does while ann "works"

while ann is off in the corner playing with her new wig, dabney is at work. cutting fabric and getting ready for the handmade arcade.




and what feidler does


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

oh....that. thing.

admit it. everyone has one. you put it out of sight when company comes. you never mention its existence, except with your partner, and maybe your closest friends. you talk about how big it is, whether it meets your needs, or if you should get rid of it all together.

it is the infamous junk drawer.

bills that you just can't face. random buttons that you might need one day rest there. in go extra grocery store coupon cards (why they need these cards ann and dabney will never know. just give the damn discount, will you?). that freebie solar-powered calculator that occasionally comes in handy can be found in there. oh sure, stamps, they're in there, too.

ann and dabney tackled theirs last night. and essentially, divied their junk drawer into three junk drawers. one for random junk: the homeless screws, the occasional postcard received from a exotic locale, binder clips. one drawer for their technology: pda cords, headphones, ipods, phone chargers, digital camera cards. the last drawer houses "stuff they use" like envelopes, stamps, and post-it notes.

and believe you them, it felt good.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

done. fini. complet. over and out.

superette's workroom...she is finished. and oh man, she is beautiful. ann and dabney are kicking themselves that they didn't take any before pictures. because then you would truly know what they accomplished this past week. but really, no pictures could do justice to the basement smell that lingered lovingly under the green carpet, or the full-length mirrored doors that covered the closet.

they *heart* ikea.

they christened the room this past weekend while making their halloween costumes, covering the new hardwood floor with little bits of foam. photos to come (but after halloween, silly).

extra long desk, so ann and dabney can spend even more time right next to each other.

adjustable height work table, perfect for cutting fabric.

why there is exposed brick inside the closet, they'll never know. but at least now you can see it.

Monday, October 24, 2005

it was so good to see ya.

superette welcomed many a friend this past weekend. ann and dabney were so happy to have a break from this past week's worth of painting and assembling. there's nothing like cocktails and good friends to cure renovating fatigue.

here's to superette's favorite newly-engaged couple.


the pupil and jer, from slovenia (not slovakia) stopped in.



and of course, the always lovely, always delightful ashbloem made for wonderful company.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

he was, like, 99.9% parched.


last night was a sleepless one at superette. when told that the dog must fast for twelve hours before his dental appointment (don't ask), ann and dabney assumed, okay, no food, no water after 9 pm - no problem. they forgot about the determined will and added cantankerousness that has overcome feidler in old age.

at 4 am, feidler decided he was, indeed, thirsty. and then, you know how some mothers can hear their child hiccup through two walls while wearing earplugs in the middle of the night? well ann and dabney can pick out - blindfolded in a room of running dogs - the sound of feidler's toenails on hardwood floors. it's the kind of noise that makes their whole body tense in anticipation of what is to come.

because when feidler wants something, he paces. tap tap tap. when he wants a bone, he'll walk back and forth in the kitchen for hours just because he knows that the incessant tap tap tap sound will make ann and dabney cave and give him the entire contents of their fridge, just to MAKE THE NOISE STOP. the ONLY thing worse than the tap tap tap is the dreaded wheeze whine. or the disgusting noise he makes when he licks his phantom balls.

but that's another blog entry.

so last night, after pacing around the bedroom for a good ten minutes, he labored up the stairs alone in the darkness. when pushing around his (deliberately empty) water bowl didn't work, and water didn't come cascading forth from the heavens, he paced. tap tap tap. when boring holes into ann and dabney's sleepy skulls with his eyeballs to get their attention (did they know he was thirsty?) didn't work, he paced. tap tap tap. when trying to force the toilet lids open with his snout didn't work, he paced. tap tap tap. finally, dabney got up to find him in the bathroom with one paw on the rim of the tub, shower curtain draped over his head, straining for one. small. drop.

don't think ann and dabney were heartless throughout all this. they called out from bed several times, all sweet-like, that they were sorry that he couldn't have any water. if he could just wait until tomorrow, then he could have all the water that he wanted. beer even. but no amount of reasoning would work on him. like a child, he finally wore himself out and fell asleep, licking his dry chops.

Monday, October 17, 2005

now, renovation chaos.

superette (the apartment, not the blog) is under construction for the next few days. what was once a simple shelving project has somehow snowballed into a full scale renovation. furniture is piled. their hallways are an obstacle course. and they still can't find the dog. once ann and dabney have a surface for their computers, they'll post again.


Friday, October 14, 2005

renovation distraction

even though they ought to be sewing, silkscreening, advertising, web designing, etc. ann and dabney are currently obessessed with their apartment - the space in which they spend entirely too much time now that it's turned rainy and cold, and now that they both "work" at home.

living in an apartment in a 100+ year old rowhouse has its advantages and disadvantages. old houses have a charm that's hard to duplicate - bay windows, marble (although non-working) fireplace, and exposed brick to name a few. but they have also talked about the mood-altering lack of light, the petty crime in the 'hood, and the three-ton elephants that live upstairs. lately, it's become painfully clear that people who lived 100 years ago must have had no use for shelves or closets. there's just no storage. where, oh where, did they keep their whale bone stays? their tins of snuff?

for two modern-day people, who undeniably have too much stuff, it is a clutter-full environment to say the least - even after stemming the glut of useless knick-knacks years ago. still, supplies for their business alone can effortlessly fill a room. ann and dabney's newest strategy to corral the array of possessions? shelving.

everywhere you look, there will be shelving. shelving for books: knitting books, design books, sketch books, and harry potter.

shelves to hold the weight of a decrepit stereo system circa 1991, tivo, and a flashy new flat screen tv.

shelves to display paper flowers from ann and dabney's wedding. shelves to hold the rock that had to be surgically removed from feidler's tummy. shelves to hold the bionic chestnut that had to be surgically removed from feidler's same tummy six months later.

and yes, shelving to safely contain that damn candle warmer that ann refuses to get rid of.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

pushing the season

it has been a rainy, chilly (and now the weather gods have added windy) week in new england. ann was dodging traffic down comm ave. yesterday and remarked that all the college students tend to push the season... in both directions. note that it is in the mid-50s here in boston, yet there is a strange assortment of big burly white-capped guys in sweatshirts, cargo shorts, and flip-flops that just made ann want to shiver at the sight. and on the other end of the spectrum, there are students donning parkas, ski caps, scarves, and gloves that made her want to approach each one and shake 'em with the warning: it's october, folks, winter in new england hasn't even begun.

so here is ann and dabney's advice for the first-year college student who's never experienced a real winter in the northeast: take a tiered approach to the coldest time of year.

first, the all-important jacket - not too light, not too heavy. that kicks in right about now, october. pants and closed-toe shoes SHOULD GO WITHOUT SAYING.

as the degrees drop, and when you are ready, perhaps add a scarf.

when mid-november hits, upgrade to a slightly warmer coat. you can get one that's still stylish yet practical. gloves, or in dabney's case, wrist warmers, then join the repetoire.

when it is finally and undeniably cold, and the nor'easters come raging, then chuck your dignity at the door. pile on anything you can get your hands on. out come the silk long underwear, the ski pants, and the gore-tex boots. then ride it out 'til spring.

if you don't believe ann and dabney, take it from feidler. he knows a good scarf when he sees one.

good luck and stay warm.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

their next gig...

superette is pleased to announce that it will be a part of this year's handmade arcade in pittsburgh on november 12th.


stay tuned for the unveiling of ann and dabney's new business name and logo, along with a brand spankin' new website. how excited are you now?

Friday, October 07, 2005