Friday, August 28, 2009


bad blogger. bad bad blogger.

the truth is we're back from the land of no internets. i managed to talk dabney into returning a bit earlier than expected so we could a) prep for our first show of the season, b) continue the unpacking and turn this house into a home c) get on with our lives. this past month, despite all the swimming, bbqing, and hiking, i felt like we were in a holding pattern.

even though we've barely had a chance to get attached to this place before we left, i am happy to report that it did feel like coming home when we walked through the door. my goal in the next few weeks is to rid the place of the mausoleum-feeling it still has by putting up some artwork and throwing down some rugs. it has been fun pretending that we are minimalists, but the charade is over. it's time to release the tchotchkes.

but first up: hosting a dinner party this weekend! FUN!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

some alaska pics

yes, we were in alaska. yes, it was amazing.

here are a few phone pics to tide you over until we get a chance to sort through the super fabulous ones that we took with our real camera...

we took one of those domed trains with unobstructed views and it was the most beautiful ride i had ever taken.
Alaska Railroad

the train went at a nice, steady 30-40 mph so it made for great picture-taking and general scenery gawking.
Alaska Road

this is me and dabney in seward, our base from where we explored the kenai fjords national park - one of three national parks we visited during our trip.
Seward, Alaska

apparently only thirty percent of visitors to denali national park manage to see mount mckinley because it is so often blocked by clouds and fog. we were lucky enough to see the mountain not one, but two days in a row. on that second day, a moose joined us for the view.
Look, Mt. McKinley!

here i am at the mendenhall glacier in juneau. we saw many glaciers while in alaska and this happen to be the only one we could walk up to (the others viewed from boats).
Me @ Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau

we spent half our time on land and half our time on sea aboard the coral princess. while i still maintain that a cruise is not really my thing, it was nice to be with my family who all seemed to be on cloud 9 aboard this enormous boat. dabney and i spent much of our time on our stateroom balcony swaddled in blankets enjoying the views.
Da boat, pt 1 Da boat, pt 2