Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

halloween is a high holiday here at superette.

this year's costume... shriners - complete with mini-cars. don't we bring you back the parades of your youth?

rhonda and i strike a pose.

over the weekend, we took our mini-cars out for a spin in the streets of provincetown where we wowed the crowds with our figure eights and formations.

honk if you're horny

Shriner Ann Shriner Ron
these are for our official shriner ID cards.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

liberate your mailbox

Catalog Choice
crate & barrel, pottery barn, neiman marcus, victoria secret, j&r, macmall, jeep essentials (from the days when we owned one), blick, l.l. bean...

don't know about you all, but we here at superette receive a lot of catalogs in the mail each and everyday. funny thing is, we can't think of the last time we ordered something via an actual paper catalog.

we're doing something about stopping the paper glut, so can you. sign up for catalog choice and eliminate unwanted catalogs.

Friday, October 26, 2007

pronounced yoo-ker

give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
teach a man to fish and he outfishes you.

a few short months ago, we introduced an obscure little card game to our friend wilhem. currently, he's on a winning streak with no end in sight. frankly, it's killing me.


for those of you who are familiar with the game of euchre, the following will be interesting. to those of you who are not, the game will seem bizarre.

from wikipedia:

For some players in the Midwest, when a team has nine points, players place the score cards next to each other, face down. The team is now "in the barn" (also "on the corner") or "mooing". Some players have also been known to place the two score cards behind their ears upon "entering the barn." A particularly vulgar celebration ceremony involved with "entering the barn" is "milking the cow," whereupon one member of the team that just "entered the barn" interlaces their fingers and points their thumbs downward. This completed, their teammate "milks" the down-turned thumbs just as one would milk a cow's udder. Another action that players sometimes do is known as "Churning the Butter." Players lock fist into palm and move their hands up and down as if "Churning the butter." If the team scores their tenth point then the "barn doors are opened:" the cards are flipped to show all ten pips. Actions such as this, however, are considered insulting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

oh-la, oh-la, oh-la, oh-la

last night, we had the pleasure of seeing the new pornographers at the roxy. neko case's voice makes us swoon and thus, we had a ball. they hardly said a word to the audience (canadian shyness?). instead, they chose to let their music do the talking. nothing wrong with that.

we dedicate this post to dear dear carrrrrrrrmen. she was suppose to meet us at the venue but lost her ticket on the way. we can relate; last week, we had concert tickets and spaced it. not sure which is worse.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

central time zone jet lag

we're back in boston after a short trip to the midwest.

we dragged the boys along to st. louis, so my family could finally meet our "husbands."


Ted Drewes

we celebrated rhonda's b-day with a lot of sangria and tapas. turning 21 is so fun, why not do it over and over again?
with the Birthday Boy

we played a lot of games, because beer always tastes better with a little competition.


Bocce Balls


a visit with my family automatically means we ate a lot, including...

ted drewes frozen custard
Ted Drewes

samples at soulard market
Sampling @ Soulard

malts at crown candy kitchen
Ron & Will @ Crown's

a three-day trip, a 2.5 hour flight, one time zone. that one hour time difference is killer. i swear i'm suffering from jet lag. how is this possible?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


when we were in d.c. a few short weeks ago, i almost managed to escape the entire city without making a single purchase (notice: i said almost). then i walked into the cutest little shop off an unremarkable alley and bought this - the "boom" belt by d.c. designer/artist jon wye.

i am sporting it today and j'adore it. the best part - you can request it with any style buckle he sells. i went the red enamel circle route.

jealous (or better yet, are you "cool enough to rock an explosion on your hips")? get one for yourself at unsung designers or from jon himself.

Monday, October 15, 2007

unflattering portrait

Unflattering Portrait

we'd like to thank the good reverend aitor for our unflattering portrait.

we just hate love it.

repulsed? jealous? get one for yourself. send inquiries to

Thursday, October 11, 2007

water caltrops make good moustaches.

our monthly luncheon with our good friend, tomoko, always entails a trip to the asian grocery store. yesterday's find - water caltrops, also known as water chestnuts.

the pod resembles the head of a bull, but more importantly, water caltrops make great moustaches.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

shots from vermont

we herald the arrival of autumn annually.  undoubtedly, it is our favorite time of year in new england.  this past weekend, we greeted it with with a hike in the woods and a drive around vermont back roads.   here are a few shots...

Friday, October 05, 2007

the stork on overdrive!

shout outs and congratulations go out to two of the brandeis five who recently gave birth to two handsome boys.

shalom, avi!

holla, sean!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

a trip to the zoo

in all the times we've visited our nation's capital, we never managed a trip to the zoo forgetting its existence in the shadow of the smithsonian museums. we tend to be museum nerds generally and have even been known to be cherry blossom stalkers. at the suggestion of jj, our weekend playmate, we jumped at the chance.

in the past, i have been lukewarm on zoos. during our trip to asia, we managed to see a couple of bad zoos, where it all just seemed a little sad. but after seeing a few of the animals in d.c., i was so impressed with our national zoo. i marveled at the expanse of all the habitats, the seemingly natural lures that drew each creature out toward the front of their individual spaces for just the right photo opps. there was an incredible variety of animals. it was all 100% free (one of my favorite things about d.c. - many, if not all, attractions are free).

as the animals were expertly strutting their stuff, i began to wonder if they were actually trained or if the zoo, because it was our national zoo, managed to get the cream of the crop of exotic and not-so-exotic animals. they all knew how to work a crowd.

the seal jumped out on its rock to say hello.

the orangutangs crossed overhead on wires.

even while resting, this very pensive ape managed to wow us by his crossed arms and legs.

the red panda posed.

this beaver came over to say CHECK ME OUT.

the stars of the show, and undoubtedly the national zoo's main attraction, are the pandas. i fully expected the large crowds, the parents with toddlers on their shoulders stealing a view, the kids on tip toes leaning over the railing . honestly, i thought this is all we'd see of a panda all day.

silly me, of course, tai shan knows what he's doing. he was born at the zoo!

on cue, the crowd turned into panda paparazzi.

over here, tai shan!

come on closer, boy!

and to our amazement, HE LISTENED.

i can't explain what it was like to lock eyes with him for 10 seconds. honestly, i felt like i was meeting a rock star, but it was even better.

it made me jealous of this woman, whose job it was to monitor pandas all day. i could do that!

the real genius behind the national zoo - they know where to strategically place their gift shops. after the excitement of our close encounter, all i wanted was pandas!

Panda Bag

we managed to escape panda-less. however, the same can't be said for jj (at least she has the excuse of a niece and a nephew).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

quick thanks

with this past weekend's trip to d.c., the mogo outdoor craft fair season has officially closed.

we'd like to thank the organizers, who as usual, make the day fun for all and somehow pay off mother nature each year in exchange for a gorgeous day.

thanks to all the CB shoppers who bought our goods in record totals and especially to those of you who are repeat customers (thanks for saying so).

we'd also like to thank our lovely hosts, the family unit, who will soon expand the unit by one. congratulations!

thanks go out to our playmate, jj, who drove up from virginia to spend the night with us and managed to decide how we would spend our perfect day together. more on that soon.