Thursday, June 30, 2005

little blue scooter: march 15, 2002 - june 28, 2005

little blue scooter was born model #chf50p, near tokyo, in 2002. The offspring of a well-established multi-million yen company, her childhood was blighted by her distant parents and she was brought up mostly by a surrogate mother in boston.

she attended public school, which she hated, an ordeal which was offset by the moment she first saw michael caine ride a vespa in the original version of alfie.

little blue scooter was the apple of her owner’s eye for over four years. she led the way in promoting alternative modes of transportation around the boston metropolitan area and always kindly allowed strangers to give her a try. little blue scooter will remain in the hearts of all who rode her, and will be remembered for her unique style and nerdy-chic image around town.

little blue scooter was, at first sight, the antithesis of many of the mopeds out on the road. plastic-sided, not the speediest, and cheap - she was more like a best friend than a motorized vehicle.

yet little blue scooter’s uncompromising reliability transformed the face of travel all the way from boston to arlington to wellesley and back.

her regular evening cruises ran three to four nights a week and in 2004 she became the godmother to many a scooter offspring in the neighborhood, taking her passion for sidestreets to the wider world.

right from the outset, little blue scooter changed the rules. she could go miles without a fill up, and when she needed fuel it only cost $2 to top off her tank.

two nights ago, little blue scooter was stolen. she was parked in her usual spot, chained to the railing outside ann and dabney’s door. ann and dabney later learned that next door neighbors heard noises sometime between midnight and 2am but didn’t leave their cushy little couch to investigate. her whereabouts are now unknown, and police have no leads.

little blue scooter leaves behind her heartbroken owner ann, and her partner dabney, who was too scared to ride her.

there will be a traditional irish wake held in little blue scooter's honor next week at its former residence.


Michelle said...

Dear blue scooter -- I never got to ride ya, but I sure will miss ya.

May your gas tank be always filled and may you never rust,

Michelle said...

and may whomever stole ya be cursed with large painful boils on their buttocks.

Ashbloem said...

I hope whoever stole little blue scooter crashes headfirst into that motherfucker who stole my phone/camera/iPod.

Francesca said...

Yeah, what Michelle and Ashbloem said!

As a kindred scooter rider (an Aprilia Mojito 150), I feel your pain.

Our dogs woke us up early one morning, barking at a man on our front porch who was contemplating how to steal my Stronza Nera (the Black Bitch, the name of my scoot). I would have been so heartbroken had he succeeded.

Why don't you come out to CA and I'll let you ride the Stronza around!

Lucy said...

Oh, poor little blue scooter. I hope you take your captors on a swift ride off a short plank into the Charles. (Save yourself by ejecting them, of course.) Then return to your rightful home on Appleton with the ladies who love you.

Terra said...

Oh Nooooo!! NOOOOOO!!!! As (was hopefully) the next in line of owners of LBS, I am also heartbroken. There go my dreams of whizzing around the city looking chic and nerdy all at the same time. *sigh*

haji-o-matic said...

Ashbloem's mom has a gun ya kin borry....

Lynda said...

Pobre pequnito scooter azul. Hijos de PUTA! May a 1000 years of terrible karma fall on the heads of those that are responsible for this travesty.

My heart goes out to my beloved Ann and Dabney.

Crazy Bride said...

Although I did not have the opportunity to ride the little blue scooter, I must say that back in the day I did enjoy riding the little blue scooter's grandmother "big red scooter", which was a hand-me-down from Ann. May they both rest in peace wherever they may be!