Wednesday, June 29, 2005

strange men and sticky substances

ann and dabney came back from new york on monday evening, happy to see feidler, who stayed home with ashbloem in their apartment while they were away. getting ready for bed that night, dabney noticed some mysterious goo on her side of the bed. no, not the kind of goo you are thinking. it was black. and sticky. and formed strange linear patterns. ann and dabney changed the sheets and didn't think much more about it.

a few days later, they stumbled across a strange camera in their spare bedroom. in an attempt to figure out who it belonged to, they scrolled through the photos, hoping to recognize someone they knew. after a few photos, they began to recognize people (a few of them anyway).

then they recognized their apartment.

and then their bed.

and then this.



Michelle said...

WHAT THE FUCK?? WHO'S THAT?????? And where did they get the duct tape?

Anonymous said...

I only this morning scraped the last of the tape residue off my left flank. (Apparently my mischievous spouse forgot to pack up the family camera.) -The SYborg

Maggot said...

We stole the duct tape from a party, after some fun duct taping of each other to various bits of furniture at the party. After the boys went to sleep, ashbloem and I tried to tape the boys down. One of them was too awake, so we moved on to my poor husband who was sleeping like the dead. This ended up to my own detriment since he was later snoring up a storm and I was unable to roll him over.

I'm sorry about the goo on your bed!

And I can't believe I left my camera there and didn't realize it until now! (The camera is new and I've never owned one - by way of excuse...)

Francesca said...

Oh, my!

Anonymous said...

That's hot.

Ashbloem said...

Oh Maggot, it's ok.

They already know about the kinky sex games; I came clean.