Wednesday, December 01, 2010

before/after @ ann cave

we picked up this danish sectional at a church auction in the spring with every intention of reupholstering the cushions. we just couldn't live with this hideous polyester with its blue and pink (yes, blue AND pink) checked print.

dabney worked her magic and VOILA - new couch cushions.  the linen is so much more attractive and a whole lot less itchy.
photo 4.JPG

this lane coffeetable was a $5 yard sale find.  it had clearly seen better days as evidenced by its dried-out condition and many stains/burns.
Coffeetable - Before

a little elbow grease, some murphy's oil soap, a dash of danish oil, a coat of howard feed-n-wax, and some strategically placed tabletop items, and the thing is much more pleasing to look at.
Coffeetable - After

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hannah said...

I love both! I think everything looks better covered in linen. You did a wonderful job! Its so rewarding to finish a project like that. The table would also be a great bench, with a cushion placed on top. But I have lots of things with battle wounds and it only makes you love them more, because if it wasn't you, they maybe wouldn't be at all anymore!