Tuesday, November 30, 2010

shipping containers

i find shipping container architecture fascinating.  while in berlin, we saw this amazing set of connected containers while walking through mitte.  people were sitting at desks inside.  perhaps a temporary construction offices?  not really sure.  but look how cool!

imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon these ingenius stools/sidetables while perusing the streets of prenzlauer berg.  not only do they come in a plethora of designs and colors, they come packed flat and in the form of shipping containers!

i couldn't help myself and stuffed one into my suitcase to bring back home with me.

Instant table/stool

when we returned, all i had to do was unpack the sucker and snap the pieces together using the included packet of rubber bands.  assembly was super quick and even easier than anything ikea.  (we should know; dabney and i have ph.d.s in ikea.)
Instant table/stool

Instant table/stool

don't let the compressed plywood fool you. it's STRONG.  i can boogie on top of this thing.  however, it will most likely just support a lamp and maybe a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer on occasion.
Instant table/stool


Jonathan Thompson said...

Great article and pics. I'd love one of those sets. I've located their email and hopefully they can ship to the US.

A little bit about us on Treehugger: http://bit.ly/gasIx7

Thanks for the post,

Jonathan Thompson
Manager, Habitable/Disaster Response
Allied Container Systems, Inc.

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