Friday, December 10, 2010

cut pick your own tree

yesterday, we picked up a christmas tree at a local "cut-your-own" farm. we have found in years past that going to the trouble of cutting your own saves a lot of heartache when it comes to regular clean up; they just lose a lot less needles in those long weeks before the big day.

however, despite our best intentions, we didn't end up chopping down a tree to take home.  their advertised field of douglas firs ended up being a small gathering of sad, scraggly, dried-up-looking bushes.  none of which was over six feet tall.  (but if you are in the market for long-needled red or scotch pine, look no further.)

after we made our decision from the lot of pre-cut michigan balsams, the big strong guys who helped us load our 9 ft. behemoth on top of our wagon placed it on this nifty contraption.

meet the shaker. (note: not our tree.)

think they make these for dogs who shed a lot?  i really wanted to place friday up there and see the fur fly!

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