Tuesday, December 28, 2010

santa did good.

Xmas morning

on christmas morning, i awoke to the site of an old vintage schwinn i had picked up a couple of summers ago for $30. it had been sitting flat in our garage ever since.  it was all polished up and shiny, newly tuned up, and with some fresh tires. not only that, the bike had been dressed up with a set of very cool saddlebags.  now, i can't wait for the snow to melt, so i can go tool around on my new wheels.

*the scarf and sunglasses perched on my head were xmas gifts, too.  don't you think they added to my xmas morning ensemble - bedhead and all?


Francesca Tronchin said...

The VERY BEST part of the whole ensemble is the Smith sweatshirt! :)

Michael said...

Very nice! My niece and nephew got bikes from Santa, and not wanting to wait for the snow to melt have been pedaling in circles around the kitchen island!!!