Thursday, September 03, 2009

technical difficulties

i have been having issues getting voice mail on my "space" phone. one would think that this wouldn't be that big of a deal to me since we just left the land of no cell phone signal a few weeks ago and that i would be grateful simply to be able to use my space phone now that we are back in a major metropolitan area. the truth is these technical problems have been driving me nuts. at&t voice mail takes hours to register, and sometimes, i don't get messages until the next day. for me, the self-admitted screener that i am, this hampers my entire lifestyle. the other day, i even ventured onto the at&t forums to see what the hell is going on. of course, i discovered nothing.

i woke up to this which appeared in this morning's new york times. it's weird when the nyt answers my burning technical questions.

i am hoping that at&t gets it's act together soon. in fact, if any of you out there are even thinking of joining the iphone herd - WAIT. other carriers will offer the option soon - verizon rumored to be amongst them.

speaking of technology, my beloved six year old powerbook is soon facing retirement. it has been the 'little machine that could" but lately, it CAN'T. something shiny and new is in the works and i can't wait.


Zola said...

back things up... our son's powerbook was starting to "CAN'T" and died a few weeks ago. He lost EVERYTHING he had failed to recently back up ... business things, personal things, pictures...etc ARRGGGHHH! (and not the happy pirate kind of ARRGGGHHH!)

Terra said...

So funny that you blog about this, since I have been facebooking and twittering this question: should I get an iphone? My verizon contract is up now, and I really would like one. But just hearing so much negative press! I need something new though since my crackberry is falling apart.