Friday, September 18, 2009


last night, we had a impromptu and surprising party chez superette. not that impromptu gatherings are so unusual in our past homes, but what made it extraordinary was the company - a majority of whom were friends of mine from high school. ok, you may be thinking this is not so weird now that we're back in my old stomping grounds. but considering that the high school i attended had approximately 70 students in its entirety (yes, you read that right - the entire school = 70), the group below is not an insignificant gathering. hell, we can call this a downright reunion.

TJ group (by ann-dabney)

it was great to see everyone - a few of whom i haven't seen since i was 17 years old. we reminisced about old classmates, demerits, doghouse, and mr. smith. we laughed and drank ourselves silly.

Becky and Katherine (by ann-dabney)

TJ Trio (by ann-dabney)

wha? (by ann-dabney)


cynthia hood said...

PLEASE help w/ names! I'm hopeless...

Derek Kverno said...

you all look drunk! -Aimee