Thursday, September 17, 2009

into the closet we go

it's one thing to move into a new place and throw in your furniture. it's another to actually organize your crap once you're inside the place.

you gotta love ikea for providing basic, functional, and affordable shelving. our workroom is now a much more useful and tidy place.

Shelves (by ann-dabney)

Workroom Closet (by ann-dabney)

our master bedroom closet is almost done. a few more shelves here and there, and we can call it a day. our contractor made the multiple hanging bars on the far wall possible, and again, ikea was our source for the drawers and shelves on the left. please, no comments on the amount of clothes and bags. remember, we're two girls here.

Closet (by ann-dabney)


Julia said...

What a great closet! I envy! I just checked out your years-old post on dressing for a New England winter--very informative. Thanks!


cynthia hood said...

i'm jealous.