Wednesday, February 22, 2006

birthday wrap-up

over the weekend, ann made an adequate enough fuss over her mom’s 60th birthday to steal back the limelight from her archrival. It was an all-tessie extravaganza with with blown-up pictures and a tessie-adorned cake.


the slide show was a hit but instead of inducing tears of joy it resulted in tessie repeatedly exclaiming to the delight of all the guests, “that’s me when I was four! that was me in medical school! look how skinny I was!”

for the birthday girl’s present, ann’s family shared the cost of an elegant crystal covered clutch that’s large enough stow away some gum and a lipstick. she had been hinting for years that this little number was on her wishlist by making an annual pilgrimage to its hoity toity store just to pay her respects. following ann’s silly family tradition of hiding presents within presents (or better yet, pawning off free junk along with the actual gift), the pricey item was hidden inside a bargain table bag just to make things more interesting.


when she opened the box, tessie thought she knew just what was inside but instead found a gawdy silver sequined bag, not the red carpet appropriate accessory that she had dreamed of.



Unknown said...

AWESOME!!!!! I love that last photo. You know Tessie was having a blast!

LP said...

Ann- Please tell Tessie that she is still beautiful.

Happiest of birthdays.