Thursday, February 16, 2006

60th birthday present

billboard shmillboard... here's ann's gift to her mom that will be presented at a dinner party tomorrow night. top that, brenda!

View this clip on Vimeo
please note: no comments about ann's bad 80's hairdos are allowed.


Anonymous said...


I can unabashedly say that that video put tears in my eyes.

Fantastic gift, Ann.

Anonymous said...

Tears - check
Topping Brenda - check
Sporting the obligatory multi-colored Cosby-esque 80's sweater - check
Making the best gift ever - check

Yeah Dr.Mom-Happy Birthday to her!

Terra said...

Annie!! That totally made me cry. That is such a lovely tribute... there won't be a dry eye in the house. Great job! Amazing present. Billboards come and go... this present will last your mom a lifetime. Good job, girl. Now hurry back so we can go get some sushi. XOXOXOXOXOX

Fawn said...

Awwww...Ann! That choked me up! I kept telling myself, "I...MUST...NOT...CRY!!! I'm at work!!!"

Anonymous said...

wait a minute -

ELMER (tessie's bird) made the cut and golfin' groom and i don't even make an APPEARANCE?

next thing you know, the duck will be in there. in its strawberry outfit.

dang it.

Ashbloem said...

Awesome! So nice, annie. You are CLEARLY the best daughter.


Anonymous said...

you know, i am beginning to realize that a bunch of softies read this blog...

thanks, guys.

Anonymous said...

update: dabney and golfin' groom made the final cut which is not posted.

LP said...

{sniff, sniff}

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

You are best-quality daughter.
{sniff, sniff}