Thursday, September 09, 2010

do i sense a political theme?

of course, you know we couldn't go a whole summer without doing some scavenging.

at the chelsea flea market, we found these old ballot boxes. they're missing their slotted tops, but they'll still be great for storing scarves and mittens. make that dog toys - i forgot that i live in missouri now.


this past weekend in richmond, we couldn't pass up this yard sale - especially when we saw the back this famous head. the sunglasses happen to be mine.

Yard sale treasure $5

for 5 bucks, i couldn't say no. but the funniest part was on my way home... going through TSA security, three agents gathered around the monitor as my duffle bag went through the xray machine. the agent in the middle turned to me and asked, "is that president... kennedy?"

i bet they don't see that often.

not actual TSA imagery

and then there were five.