Friday, August 19, 2005

meat night

between dabney's dietary preferences and this summer's farm cooperative, the superette household is 99% vegetarian. whenever dabney goes out for the evening (as she did last night), ann jumps at the chance to indulge in her meat-based gustatory proclivities. since it's no fun to eat a big old steak on your own, she invited one of her favorite foodie friends, ashbloem. together ann and ashbloem share the same palette; they like anything that is salty, fishy, or bloody. which meant that last night was "meat night."


feidler was on hand, too. however, he let it be known that he was displeased that there were only two steaks on the grill.


instead, he had to settle for ashbloem's tasty toes.



Ashbloem said...

That licking felt SO GOOOOOOD....

Francesca said...

Diego's nickname among my family in Italy is "Bistecca" (Steak). Every time we would visit a different family member for a meal, they would cook a steak for him, feeling such pity on him because I won't cook meat for him at home.

haji-o-matic said...

I'm next! I'm next! I'll lick Ashblo....wait that sounds kinky...
I don't care...Me next!

Hey...put some horseradish in with some butter, and salt put it in some foil...wrap it around your corn cob and BAM you got some supercharged corn on the cob!