Wednesday, May 18, 2005

out of kilter quilters

dabney and friend julie took a moment this past weekend to wander into the smith art museum. it being commencement weekend, they were holding the annual senior show for studio art majors. hung at the end of a long hallway in the gallery space was the most amazing quilt by a certain melinda something- hyphen-something. it totally fits in with ann & dabney's obsession with traditional technologies that are revisited and reclaimed to make untraditional design.

dabney is now dying to throw a picture of ann into the rasterbator and then make a quilt out of it.


speaking of quilts, a new exhibit is opening at the museum of fine arts in boston in early june. dabney has been waiting for years to see the incredible pieces of modern art that are the quilts of gee's bend. every time she goes to a new city, dabney quickly checks to see if the collection is anywhere nearby. so she was very happy to see them in the mfa preview this month, and promptly signed up for the quilter's roundtable on june 1st.

gee's bend

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