Friday, March 02, 2012

elmo is love

it wasn't until babysitting my niece one evening that i discovered how much power a little red fur and googly eyes could have on a child. in fact, we were just ending an episode of dora the explorer. lu seemed to be content and engaged - mellow, but good. i even thought for a moment that she might fall asleep. however, the instant the image of elmo came on that screen, she sat up in her seat and started clapping and yelling with joy.  wow.

if any of you out there can relate such scenarios, i must recommend the documentary being elmo: a puppeteer's journey. the film takes you behind the scenes of kevin clash - puppeteer prodigy and creator of elmo himself.

mr. clash's rise in children's television happens to coincide with my own childhood. i was huge fan of captain kangeroo and the great space coaster (get on board!).  little did i know, the voices behind all those creatures came from such a talent.

next, i am determined to introduce lu to the rest of the magic of the late jim henson.  happy to see that his legend and spirit are still alive in folks like kevin clash.

"being elmo: a puppeteer's journey" is currently streaming on netflix.

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