Thursday, June 16, 2011

super fan

i might have misspoken last week when i tweeted, "i love central air." what i should have said is "i love central air when it's 99 degrees outside."

last saturday, a very welcome break in the weather decided to visit us here in the middle, which has made for some very pleasant nights of sleeping with windows open and fans blaring (and perhaps a spontaneous mid-week round of golf).

New old fan

one of the fans a-churnin' in the house this week is a recent yard sale find - a very non-kid friendly westinghouse number from the 30's(?) that i bought for a measly $15. the thing works perfectly - it oscillates, it has speeds, and it's SILENT.

i thought i was the only person on earth who really thinks about fans, but it turns out that this dude from the new york times likes fans, too. in fact, his article just might make you re-think your central air all together.

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