Tuesday, January 05, 2010

dining room table - CHECK.

it has been a challenge finding just the right dining table for our long narrow space.  for the past six months, we've been using two mogo folding tables lined up end to end as a substitute while we searched for the perfect thing. everything looks passable under a clean tablecloth, no?

though a little wide, i was convinced that this table would have worked perfectly, until i saw the price.  i still love its industrial look.  in fact, it reminds me of this find

the other day, dabney came across THE table on craigslist - long, narrow, rustic, with clean lines.  perfect.  the only issue was that dabney wasn't searching st. louis craigslist.  no, she had to be looking at a table that was located in the middle of tennessee!  so off we went down i-55, way down past new madrid (pronounced mad-rid, emphasis on the "mad" - not like the city in spain), past hayti (pronounced "hay-tie," not like the caribbean country), through eastern tennessee, until we got to milan (pronounced "my lan", not like the italian city).

four plus hours goes awfully slowly when you've got a eight and a half foot farm table strapped to the top of your station wagon.  i forgot to snap a picture.  dammit.

Farm table (by ann-dabney)

in the end, the table was just the thing we needed. now, i am off to figure out how to create a firewall to keep dabney off other areas' craigslists.

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